Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ahh, Long Weekends!

What an excitement packed long weekend it was! I'll admit that yesterday (Monday) I was hurting pretty bad and slept most of the day away. I played SIX slow pitch games in 2 days... You would think slow pitch isn't that strenuous, but really I never stretch and extend myself that much EVER. Caught a few sweet outs, an have learned that I, the Diva, apparently like hard balls. *snickers*

This all took place out in Dixonville and the team I was playing for came in 4th place. I will not, however, tell you out of how many teams we placed fourth. Damien Gnass AKA the Master of Gnasster, the team coach awarded me with "the best Diva" award and "the person who helped out at crunch time". That was pretty awesome of him, of course, everyone on the team was given an award. I look forward to filling in for Hitz Trucking slow pitch team in the future!

Of course I was brave and went out Saturday night, when we had a ball game at 11am on Sunday morning...I won't lie, I was pretty "happy" on "diet cokes" but still managed to get my ass out to the field on time, and no hangover to boot!

Long weekends rock. In fact, I think every weekend should be a long weekend. I will have to see about adding that to my contract, though somehow I don't think it'll fly.

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