Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Guffaw and mondays with no capitals!

Tuesday morning, you deserve kind treatment. You are not as harsh as the day before, that deserves to be kicked in the teeth. Yes, that day when you wake up tired from having entirely too much fun  over the weekend, you have to kick your ass into gear to get going and it takes nearly all day. monday I hate you, and you will no longer get the special treatment in being capitalized.

Whew, now that THAT is out of the way... HELP!!! I've fallen off the bandwagon! It all started a week ago, I started letting things slide food wise. Not overeating, or doing bad with junkfood, I've just stopped being careful. While that is bad, it could also be beneficial. I'm going for a weigh in on Wednesday (note Wednesday also gets the special treatment). What the last week will have taught me is this: Can I stop being so careful and maintain my success so far? It is a very good question to have answered. If I lost more while not even paying attention, then GREAT. If I stayed the same, well at least I know I can maintain this when I reach my goal, but if I gained then I'll learn that I really can never stop paying attention to what is going into my body.

So, while I kinda sorta have been not so good this past week and a bit, it will be a good learning experience. To address the other issue, I stopped going to the freakin gym! The motivation went dooown, mainly because I get so easily bored usint the machines...

Maybe what I'll do... I have a stationary bike at a friends, I'll stick it in front of the tv at home and cycle for an hour a night...this could work!

ooooh one last thing... I'm not sure if I should be embarassed to talk about this, or thrilled, but I've noticed guys are hitting on me all the time these days! A great feeling I tell ya, this weekend alone I had a selection between three very handsom men. *laughs* That is all I will say. Coming up: Diva vs Dime


  1. I felt the same way when I would go to the gym! I just got so bored with the machines, even with my sister being my personal trainer! I had to try a few things to find what worked for me. I tried aerobics, boot camp, walking, and the gym, even swimming! But I found running, and it really makes me feel good. Not that running will work for you, but I had to try a few things before I found the one that worked for me. Unfortunately, there is no wonder exercise or pill that helps :( But keep up the fantastic work and I want to hear how it goes on Wednesday!

    Love, Connie

  2. that's EXACTLY the same reason why i stopped working out as well.

    it just gets... so... boring.

    i tried doing wii fit and EA sports active, to make working out fun!, but then i lost interest. i also tried going to hot yoga and doing bikram, but again lost the motivation because it was tooo much work.

    the only thing i've stuck with so far is roller derby. mainly because you're having fun without realizing how much you're working out :)

    i hear they're thinking of starting up a team in peace river...

    i'm glad you're finding ways to motivate yourself though. that's the biggest challenge, but it's so worth it!!

    and congrats on the handsome men ;) you better keep us posted!