Friday, September 10, 2010

Lights! Camera! ACTION!

So Peace Players is the local theatre here in Peace River, and they put on some pretty amazing shows. I've been here for two years, and thought it is finally time to get involved! I went to audition! Now, it's the first audition I've had in a very long time so... it didn't go so smooth, and there are only 3 female parts in the play.

Can you even picture me, the Diva as being nervous?! I know, neither did I, but I was and I flunked the audition (well not so much flunked, just Sue Grey is pretty damn good if I do say so myself!), and she got the part. "No big deal", I told the director. Try and try again right?! I'll keep trying, there will be one in the spring, AND I'm doing one acts in February.

I really have to say I am impressed with how well I handle rejection, maybe because I'm used to it *snickers* just teasing. I was however, offered the opportunity to be stage director (you know, the crazy lady with a headset running around making sure everyone is where they should be...yea I can see myself as that person!)

The way I see it, doing this will involve me in the lifestyle that is theatre, help me learn, and better myself for the next audition!

Wish me luck!

P.S. The one acts in February are totally awesome, and I know the one I 'm in is freakin hilarious, I hope you can make it!

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